Thursday, January 6, 2011

The best story of EVER!

Today feels like Christmas! But here, let me tell you a story in which Justin and I were instilled with wisdom from either a) God or b) a Spy.

For three hours Justin and I sat by the window staring out like children waiting for daddy to come home from work except we were waiting for the postman. I hope he's not my daddy...there's always that chance, ya know? Anyways, we were waiting for The Check. The Mother Check of all checks in the land of Earth.
We watched many a mail truck pass by, one stopped right next door to our apartment, a few drove by and then another mail truck stopped on the other side of our apartment. We checked the mailbox at least ten times to ensure that we hadn't missed him. During this time we had been conjuring up all of the yummy things we hadn't been able to eat in a while due to our tight budget. Italian, NO Indian, NO Thai Food! We became saddened that it was 5:00pm and Mr. Postman still did not make an appearance so we decided to close up shop and head to.....Mcdonalds. I had exactly 5 dollars left to my name so that's where we went...oh yeah and Justin had five dollars so he put that into the truck since we were on empty. So then something strange happened. We started the truck and it still said empty and the dial didn't budge, that's never happened before. So we skipped (sadly) on over to Mcdonalds. We ate our food, moseyed on home AND LO AND BEHOLD there was another mail truck. It was our beautiful, handsome, most beloved postman! We ran, or rather jumped, skipped, screamed our way to the mailbox and there was our check. Holy of holiest checks. We now had our money.
But then we both realized how ironic it was that before we had this money DURING WHICH we had no money AT ALL that we had already decided to spend it on dining out and all of these things that we didn't need.
In a way, I feel like GOD the SPY was playing a trick on us. We waited all day for this check. The mailman had never been this late before and never have I seen so many mail trucks in front of our eyes and not a single one of them be ours. Making us worry that we still had an empty tank, making us eat at cheap ol' Mcdonalds rather than the feast we had planned. We decided to reconsider most of the extravagant things we wanted with this money. We shouldn't let this money slip through our fingers so quickly. We will need it for a rainy day.

One thing I was able to buy today was a new lens. My only good lens broke a few weeks ago and I was in desperate need of something and I was able to buy a used, in brand new condition, 50mm 1.4 lens, and let me tell you, the bokeh and depth of field is amazing, I couldn't be happier with a lens.

Feast your eyes. Bokeh and Justin eating Bokeh.



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  1. I love this post. "God the spy"!? Awesome. Great photos, by the way.