Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 8: I'm a taker.

When it comes to pictures I take, take and take.
Justin has had to sacrifice a lot of hearty discussions due to my selfish needs to take a picture at any given moment. God bless your heart.
"Wait hun, what were you talking about now? Turn left a little, oh good. You did what with who? huh? Say that again". Discussion over. "Pleaasseee I am listening now, I promise". Discussion back on. He's a chatter box and will talk to any ear that listens. It's cute.
Oh yeah, I am also great at ruining intimate moment's. Call me if you ever need help destroying your love life : )



  1. Me too =) I ruin moments all the time.

    That's why my husband always looks exasperated in my photographs lol!